Librarian Did What?!

Well to sum that answer up in two words, I quit!

Truth be told, I believe that a lot of my friends and family thought I had lost my mind. They were just too kind to say so to my face. My parents and closest friends, on the other hand, understood completely. I wouldn’t blame people for thinking I had cracked because I walked away from a full-time job with good benefits and a senior role on staff.

So what caused me to take leave of my senses? To sum that question up as simply as the first, it was time.

How did I know that it was time? The quick answer is that the job no longer satisfied my career passion so it was time to go. I had prayed about my decision to stay or go for almost two years, and six months before I gave my notice, I knew it was time to leave. However, I spent those six months convincing myself of the fact…until I was completely, absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt miserable.

Let me explain a few things:

  1. I had/have wonderful friends there. (They were the hardest thing to leave.)
  2. It was a full-time job with EXCELLENT benefits.
  3. I had been there several years and was a senior member of the staff.
  4. I dreaded the idea of having to begin all over again at a new job with new skills.

All of these are reasons why so many people seemed to ask, WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING?

I can answer that! I left because of:

  1. People – If you have ever had a job working with the general public, then no further explanation is needed. If you are one of those people who has only ever been an active participating member of the general public, please allow me to educate you. We public servants, government and otherwise, don’t always look forward to dealing with people. Why? You ask. Well, in your mind, you’re always right, and we’re always wrong. You always want what you want five minutes ago when the best we can do is right now. My favorite is that any problem or mistake is clearly NOT you’re fault. Therefore we are responsible, and you are not. Well, honey, we public servants must be the most responsible people in the world because we are ALWAYS taking responsibility for someone else. (Allow me to amend that this does not apply to every patron — in the library world — or customer. Unfortunately, we remember the bad eggs as much or more than the good eggs so thank God for the good ones!)
  2. Position – I had a good job, but I couldn’t progress anywhere else from that situation unless I wanted to become management. I have traveled the management road, and it doesn’t seem to fit my personality at this point in my life. I felt as if there were no further opportunities to grow in the job in the direction that I wanted to go.
  3. Place – Did I mention the daily commute before? No? Well it was two hours round trip, and I had been driving it for over ten years. Commuting was cheaper than rent. As a definite introvert, I love alone time in the car, but I don’t always love other drivers. For that matter, who loves driving in unpredictable weather for a decade?

So there I was knowing it was time to leave, and I discovered that I felt great relief over the decision. That relief let me know that I made the right decision. My biggest regret was being separated from my friends so we have made sincere efforts to stay in contact. The truth was that it was past time to leave, and I know that I made the right choice. I just wish there had been a better manual when I set out on this journey.

Wisdom: “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” ~Ronald E. Osborn

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